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FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual for Human Food, Certificate Training

*Nov. 7 (Monday) - Nov.  9 (Wednesday) 2016,

Bakersfield, CA

*Dec. 5 (Monday) - Dec. 7 (Wednesday) 2016,

Stockton, CA

Welcome to Organic and Food Safety Training.com

Do you need someone who understands the organic food industry and food safety?

Are ready for FSMA? Do you have a "PCQI" Preventive Controls Qualified Individual on your team?

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is here.

 The Preventive Controls for Human Food Rules for post harvest handling/processors were published in August 2015 and The Produce Rules for farms were published in October 2015. The clock is ticking for you to be in compliant with these rules.

       If you are  registered with the FDA as a food facility,   a member of your team must  meet the FDA qualifications as a "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, (PCQI)".

We can help you navigate the new rules and train your staff members under the FSPCA  (Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance) course to earn the FDA approval certificate as a "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual."

Stephen Bird

The Organic Food Industry and Food Safety Expert

"We have found Steve's experience with organics and food safety helps provide direction to operations that may find challenges in trying to balance the two issues." Scully Packing Co. LLC, Finely, CA

"This entire training was more than expected...I have a have a much better understanding to prepare for the process..." CCOF Food Safety training 2015